Consultant Profile

  • Mizuho Kawata


    I have worked at HR department at major insurance company. I would like to support your job change with my knowledge and strategy I earned during my past work.

  • Mariko Nagamachi


    I had been working at a major life insurance company as marketing sales before joining ARK. Since I became a recruiting consultant, my goal is to support and satisfy our candidates.

  • Daisuke Araki

    President, Senior Consultant

    Daisuke had worked at global IT vendors such as Intel, Veritas, McAfee etc as a top sales representative for 20 years and became president of ARK in 2014. He specializes in IT software vendors and consulting firms, and provides recruitment consulting services based on his experience throughout his career for detailed interview preparation to candidates. As a result, he sustains a very high ratio of passing clients resume screenings for candidates and is highly trust by our major clients.

  • Hiroko Suwa


    Hiroko is responsible for performing mid-career and leadership-level searches, mostly for global companies in the fields of Consulting, IT and Retail. Hiroko has a track record for specific projects such as but not limited to searches for startup members of new business for major global companies, members of management for the establishment of new group companies, and middle managers for venture companies aiming for an IPO.

  • Toshio Yajima


    I've worked at Dell, Oracle and other firms as a salesman for more than 10 years. I started working at ARK where I can make use of my wide relationship in the industry as a recruiter now, and have led many of my candidates into getting offers.

  • Harry Fujishiro

    Senior Consultant

    I introduce positions like consultant and engineers at both Japanese and foreign IT vendors, consulting firms. I will fully support my candidate by giving advice for job interview, and even negotiate annual income.